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La Buona Vita Co-Op, Inc.

A resident owned 55+ community

                                    RULES AND REGULATIONS
The following rules and regulations have been adopted to provide for the comfort, welfare
and safety of the Members, Le
asees and Tenants of the LA BUONA VITA MANUFACTURED/
MOBILE HOME PARK (hereinafter called the "Park") and to improve and maintain the appearance
and reputation of the Park.
These rules have been established by th
e Board of Directors of the LA BUONA VITA COOP,
lNC. (hereinafter called the "Corporation") owner of the Park, and may be changed from time
to time to achieve this and other purposes. Notice of changes in these rules shall be given to
Members at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of the implementation of the changes.

                                               I DEFINITIONS

Board of Directors shall mean the current board of directors of LA
BUONA VITA CO-OP, lNC., a Florida not-for-profit corporation.

"Cooperative Fee" or "Co-Op Fee" shall mean the
monthly maintenance and/or common expenses paid by the Member to the Corporation in
accordance with the maintenance schedule established b
y the Corporation from time to time,
which fee shall be due and payable by the Member on or before the 1st day of each month, and
delinquent after the tenth (10th) day of the month. Delinquent Co-Op Fees are subject to a late
charge Of FIVE AND NO/100 dollars.

"Cooperative" or "Corporation" shall mean LA BUONA
VITA CO-OP, lNC., a Florida not-for-profit corporation, the owner of the Park and landlord to
Members and Leasees,

"Rental Fees" shall mean the monthly rent paid by the Leasee to the
Corporation in accordance with a rental schedule established by the Corporation, which shall
be due and payable by the Leasee on or before the 1st day of each month, and delinquent after
the tenth (10th) day of the month. Delinquent rents are subject to a late charge of


a Retumed Check Fees" shall mean any checks returned to the
Corporation. Checks will be charged back at current rates charged to the Corporation.

La Buona Vita Manufactured/Mobile Home Park has three
categories of residents, as follows: A Member" is that person or persons owning a
Membership Certificate issued by the Corporation pursuant to the Articles of Incorporation and
the Bylaws. A "Lessee" is a person or persons who own their homes but lease the home site
from the Corporation. A Tenant" is one who sub-leases a home from a "member" or a

"Guest" is defined as a person whose stay at the request of a Resident does not
exceed fifteen (15) consecutive days or thirty (30) days per year, unless such person has the
pemission Of the cooperative, or unless pemited by a property promulgated rule or
regulation. The spouse of a Resident shall not be considered a guest. For the protection and
safety of all Residents, guests who stay in the Community for more than twenty-four (24) hours
must register their names with Management. An additional fee, per person per month, will be
charged for each guest residing with a Resident. Guests are entirely (financially and legally)
the responsibility of their host Resident and must comply with all Community guidelines. The
community facilities are primarily for the use and enjoyment of the Residents. When conditions
pemit and facilities are not overcrowded, registered Guests will be permitted to use the

"Management" shall mean the person or persons hired or appointed by the
Board of Directors for managing the every day operations of the Park.
9. PARK:

10. UNIT:

"Unit" or "units" shall refer to the cooperative parcel upon which a Members manufactured
home is located or a rental parcel upon which a Leasee's manufactured home is located,
as Said pareels are shown on the Plot Plan which is Exhibit ``10" to the Prospectus.
1. LA BUONA VITA MANUFACTURED/MOBILE HOME PARK is an adult retirement Community.
All Members, Leasees and tenants must register at the Park Office upon arrival. One Member,
Leasee, or Tenant occupying a lot must be at lease fifty-five (55) years of age, unless they
were already in residence prior to the formation of the Cooperative. With respect to all new
Members, Leasees and tenants, at least one resident of each unit must be fifty-five (55) years
of age or older. Persons under thirty-five (35) years of age are not allowed to reside at the
property. All new members, Leasees and Tenants must be approved in writing by the
Management before any sale of a unit or manufactured home is consummated. If the
manufactured home is sold to someone who is not approved by Management, the home must
be moved from the Park at time of sale. Picture lD will be required as proof of age.
2. Occupancy is based on one or two persons per home. Approval of Park Management is
required for each additional person per home. For each additional person there is a charge of
thirty-five dollars ($35) per month. Approval will not be given for any more than four persons
per home.
3. Children are welcome for visits, however the host resident will be responsible for their conduct
and must assure that they abide by the rules and do not disturb neighbors. Children's visits
may not exceed fifteen (15) consecutive days or thirty (30) days per year.
4. All sales and rentals must be approved by the Board of Directors.
1. The Board of Directors must approve or reject applications for purchase of Membership in the
Cooperative. All applications tor Cooperative membership shall be considered desirable and
compatible with the community in order to be approved for admittance and must meet certain
financial criteria as established by the Board of Directors.
2. The Cooperative reserves the right to refuse admittance to any prospective Member on the
basis of the criteria established to determine the background, character and financial
responsibility of prospective Members.
3. The cooperative reserves the right to require an application fee not to exceed the greater of
$100 or the maximum cost allowed under s719,106 (1) (I), to defray any cost connected with
the screening process. If this fee is detemined to be a fee prohibited by s719 (1) (I), it will be
refunded. The failure of any prospective Member to provide general background information,
personal references and proof of financial responsibility shall be deemed a cause for refusal of
4. The Corporation specifically reserves the right to teminate the tenancy of any Member upon
detemination by the Corporation that the Member misstated or misrepresented any
information on any application or entry forms required by the Corporation prior to admittance
as a resident of the Park and a Member of the Corporation.
                                                          IV THE MOBILE HOME
1. Prior to the installation of any newly-purchased mobile home, the Member shall submit to the
Board Of Directors an application to install, on an approved form, indicating all required
information. The maximum length and the optimum position on the lot will be determined upon
examination of the site by the Board of Directors.
2. Newly installed mobile homes must be set up to include the following appurtenances within 30
days from date of placement on the lot: Carport, aluminum carport roof, cement drive, and
underskirting. The design of all appurfenances and additions must be approved by the
3. No construction by resident or any new structure or additions to existing structures shall
commence prior to resident submitting drawings and specifications to the Management and
obtaining written approval to proceed with the construction. Storage sheds and their location
on the lot must be approved by the Management.
4. Mobile home tiedowns and blocking must comply with all applicable government laws,
ordinances and regulations.
1, Mobile homes shall be attractively maintained and comply with all applicable laws, ordinances
and regulations of state, county or Park as from time to time amended. Replacement of skirting
must be approved by Management. Residents planting trees, shrubs and flowers must first
coordinate with Management to avoid damage to underground facilities and for lawn
maintenance considerations.
2. Members and Leases are responsible for the overall appearance of the mobile home site.
Sites shall be kept orderly, neat, clean and free of litter. Watering, weeding, replacement of
lawn by sod or grass seed and general care of the lawn, planters, trees and shrubs are the
responsibility of the Member or Leases. No yard maintenance or construction will be allowed
before 8 A.M.
3. No clotheslines, and no airing or drying of clothes on lots, carports or patios is allowed without
the permission of the Board of Directors who will follow and current direction of the

"Clean Air Act".
4. Mobile home sites not maintained to standards satisfactory to the Cooperative will be
maintained by the Cooperative. A minimum fee of $50.00 for the Cooperative maintenance will
be charged to the Member or Leasee owning or occupying the unit.
5. All utilities are paid individually by the resident.
6. This Park is provided water and sewer service by St, Lucie Utilities. A master meter installed
by the Corporation is read by the utility with billing provided to the Corporation. Individual
homes are assessed sewer and water usage through the water meter at the home site. Any
clogging of the sewer line from the mobile home to the main line is the responsibility of the
Member or Leasee. If the Cooperative is called upon to correct any clogging of the sewer line,
the plumber's charges will be assessed to the Member or Leasee if the clogging is between the
mobile home and the main line. Water supply lines from the water meter to the home will be
the responsibility of the resident.
7. The exterior surfaces of the mobile home including eaves and trim shall be kept free of mildew
or discoloration. Damaged exterior surfaces must be restored to the original condition.
8. Fences are allowed only in the traditionally accepted pet section of the outside perimeter of the
Park. Fences must be of chain link, steel design, four feet tall, and must be approved by
9. All homes must have street numbers clearly posted on th
e street side of the home. Patio
furniture, barbecue grill and planters may be left under the carport. Trash cans are to be stored
in the shed behind the home. The storage of boxes, lawnmowers, newspapers, bottles, cans,
miscellaneous equipment or trash is not permitted around the home or home site.
10. Management/Owner of this park absolve themselves of all liability or responsibility pertaining
to the loss by fire, theft, accident or any other cause whatever, to property or person. You must
provide for your own liability and hazard insurance,
11. Each home is provided with "yard light" with a dusk to dawn sensor and must be active at all
times for the safety and convenience of park residents. The circuit breaker controlling the yard
light must remain on at all times. The resident is responsible for maintenance of the yard light.
1. The clubhouse is open to all residents and their guests during the hours of 9:00 a.m. until 10
p.m., seven (7) days a week.
2. No bare feet are allowed in the clubhouse.
3. No person under the age of sixteen (16) years old is pemitted in clubhouse, unless
accompanied by an adult.
4. All chairs, tables or any other equipment in the clubhouse is to remain in the clubhouse. The
persons using the room shall return all equipment to its proper area. Missing or damaged
equipment may result in charges to cover the cost of repair or replacement. Residents hosting
events will be responsible for room cleaning after the event.
5. No person shall at any time be allowed in the clubhouse areas unless wearing a shirt.
6. Except for activities which are regularly scheduled, permission must be obtained from the
Management for use of any rooms in the clubhouse.
7. No pets are allowed in the clubhouse without the approval of the Board.

                                                           VII SWIMMING POOL
1. The swimming pool is open daily from 9 a.m. until 10 p.m. for residents and their guests.
2. There is no lifeguard on duty at any time. SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK.
3. All persons must rinse off under the shower head provided before entering the pool.
4. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
5. No young children are permitted in the pool in diapers. No children are permitted in the pool
who are not toilet trained.
6. The Corporation will not be held responsible to residents or their guests for any injuries or lost
7. No pets are allowed in the pool area.
8. Only regular swimsuits may be worn in the pool, no street clothes or cutoffs allowed.
9. No glass containers Of any kind allowed in the pool area. No food or beverages allowed in the
10. No roller skates, skate boards, bikes, etc. except for wheel chairs for the handicapped.
11. No diving, rough play, boisterous conduct, or other annoying activities are allowed.
1. Use of the courts for any other activities is prohibited.
1 . The shuffleboard courts are available for use by residents and their guests seven days a week
between the hours of 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. Courts are for play of shuffleboard only.
2. Children under the age of sixteen (16) must be accompanied by an adult when using
shuffleboard equipment and all equipment must be returned to its proper place.
        X GUESTS
1. The Member, Leasee or Tenant is responsible for acquainting his/her guests with the rules and
regulations of the Park.
2. All overnight guests must register in the office.
3. Children who are guests of a resident shall be accompanied by the resident or another adult
when leaving the lot where they are visiting.
1. Prior authorization Of Management is required before allowing animals or pets into the Park.
Note: Eliminate present section 2 and replace with new language previously approved by

2. Pets not to exceed two (2) in number will be allowed in the pet section only. The pet section is
the historically and traditionally accepted area of the outside perimeter Of the Park. beginning
at 8645 Florence Drive and ending at 400 Natalie Drive. Pets must be walked only on the
perimeter of the established pet section and not on interior streets and must be on a leash.
Neither pets weighing more than twenty (20) pounds (adult size), nor Dobermans, Rottweilers,
Pit Bulls, German Shepherds and Chows will be allowed. visitors with any PERMITTED pets
may be allowed to stay up to seven
(7) days, with approval of Management. Any such approval
requires the host resident to be responsible to see that their guests obey the rules regarding
where their pet may walk and with respect to clean-up after their pet. All Pet owners shall pick
up their pet's litter. If any PERMITTED pet shall, in the sole and exclusive opinion of the Board
of Directors of La Buona Vlta Co-Op, lnc. become dangerous or an annoyance or nuisance in
the Park of Destructive of property or wildlife, they must not thereafter be kept within the Park.
Said sole and exclusive opinion of the Board of Directors shall be evidenced by writing to the
owner and resident of the lot/unit in which the pet is being kept or maintained, whereupon the
owner and resident shall have three (3) days to remove said animal, except a shorter time
period may be required in the event immediate action is needed to protest persons or property
as determined by the Board in its sole discretion. Cats must be indoor cats and are permitted
out of doors only on a leash.
3. Pets are not allowed to run free. Pets will not be tied unattended outside the home at any time.
Pets must not annoy residents, excessive barking or other noise will not be tolerated.
Vlolations of any of the rules pertaining to pets will be considered grounds for legal action by
1, Speed limit for all vehicles is fifteen (15) miles per hours. Do not use horns in the Park.
2. Parking in driveways or designated areas only. (N0 PARKING ON LAWNS, GRASSY AREAS
OR STREETS.) No vehicle, boat or trailer will be permitted in the Park unless it is licensed for
the current year. Vlolators may be cited by the Board of Directors or the Property Manager. A
first offense will carry a warning. A second offense will give cause to have the vehicle towed at
the owner's expense. Subsequent violations will be cause for Management to begin legal
action against the resident responsible, whether the vehicle belongs to the resident, guest
or visitor of the resident.
3. No mechanical or other work may be performed on vehicles or boats at the home sites, with
the exception of washing and waxing of vehicles in the driveway.
4. There will be no parking in the common areas of the Park without the specific approval of the
Board of Directors or the Property Manager.
5. No Travel trailers, RVs, boats or trucks may be parked at the home site, except short stays not
to exceed three (3) hours for cleaning and travel preparation.
6. RVs, boats and trailers may be stored in the compound if properly licensed (AND IF SPACE
7. No commercial type vehicles may be operated or parked within the Park, except for deliveries
and pickups approved by the Management, with the exception of department store deliveries,
8. All vehicles, to include boats and trailers, must be properly registered for the current year to a
park resident and must be in operable condition. Current registrations must be provided to the
1. No selling, soliciting, peddling or commercial activities of any kind are permitted within the
Park. Notwithstanding, nothing herein prevents or infringes upon the right of a resident from
canvassing manufactured home owners for the purposes described in Florida Statutes 723 and
2. General notices and articles for sale may be posted on the bulletin board provided for such
purpose. Carport or yard sales are not allowed.
3. Members shall not allow any other person or persons to occupy, use, rent, sublet, lease or
sublease the home, or any portion thereof, or any portion of the unit, for fee or gratis, without
the prior express written consent and approval of Management. Approval of Management shall
be required prior to Management issuing consent for such person or persons.
4. Members or their agents selling manufactured homes cannot guarantee the prospective buyer
a unit in the Park.
5. Members may sell their manufactured homes without services of Management. However, prior
to offering the manufactured home for sale, the Members shall infom Management, in writing,
that the home is for sale and the price thereof.
6. All manufactured homes within the Park must meet, at any time and from time to time, the then
current Park established standards, respecting the maintenance of the manufactured home,
fire Standards, health standards, and any other standards as further imposed respecting the
manufacture of manufactured homes by federal and state agericies inclusive of the
Department of Housing and Urban Development.
7. "For sale" signs shall be limited to one "For Sale" sign, which may be placed inside the unit.
(One sign per unit except that comer lots may have two). "For Sale" signs are limited to mobile
homes only. No signs are permitted in the yard. No "Open House" signs for the purpose of
mobile home sales will be permitted, either by the Members, Leasees, Tenants or anyone
representing them.
8. No manufactured home shall be removed or brought into the Park without the prior written
approval of Management.
9. Any Member intending to remove his or her mobile home from the Park must give the
Corporation thirty (30) days notice in writing prior thereto. The Member shall remain
responsible for the Cooperative Fee until such time as their Membership has been either sold
or re-conveyed to the Cooperative, as set forth in the Declaration of Master Form Occupancy
1. The Corporation shall not be responsible for loss or damage caused by accident, fire, theft or
act of God to any mobile home or personal property left by the Member, Leasee or Tenant or
their guests within the Park boundaries. The Corporation will not be responsible for supplies or
equipment sent to the recreation hall for private use by any Member, Leasee or Tenant.
2. The Corporation shall not be liable for accident or injury to any person or property through the
Member's, Leasee's or Tenant's use of recreational facilities. The Members, Leasees and
Tenants and their guests shall avail themselves of these facilities at their own risk and assume
liability for such physical damage or personal injury caused by such case.
3. The Members, Leasees and tenants are responsible for damages caused by their family or
their guests. All mobile homes must be adequately insured for liability.
1. The Corporation reserves the right to terminate the tenancy of any resident for disregard of
Park rules and regulations and in accordance with Florida Statutes 719 and 723.
2. The corporation specifically reserves the right to teminate the tenancy of any resident upon
conviction of said resident of a violation of a federal or state law or local ordinance, which
violation may be deemed detrimental to the health, safety, or welfare of other residents of the
3. The Corporation specifically reserves the right to terminate the tenancy of any resident upon
determination by the corporation that the resident misstated any infomation on any application
or entry forms required by the Corporation prior to admittance as a resident of the Park and a
Member of the Corporation.
1. Thirty (30) days prior to any Member vacating their unit in the Park, which vacation includes
the removal of the manufactured home from the Unit, Member must furnish Corporation with a
true copy of the contract for removal or all of the above-ground improvements (the "Removal
Contract"), which Removal Contract shall include, but not be limited to, the removal of the
manufactured home, carport, storage shed(s), all attachments, skirting, anchors, slab, and
steps (the "Improvements"). Member shall post with Corporation a security deposit (the
"Deposit") or a surety bond (the "Bond") furnished by the contractor in an amount which is the
greater of TWO THOUSAND, FIVE HUNDRED AND NO/100 DOLLARS ($2,500.00) or one
hundred ten percent (110%) of the amount of the Removal Contract, which Deposit or Bond
shall act as security to insure the removal of the improvements in a workmanlike fashion,
leaving the Unit in a broom-clean condition. Member shall have five (5) days from the date of
the commencement of the removal of the Improvements to complete the removal and grade
the affected area of the Unit, or Corporation may use the Deposit or proceeds of the Bond to
complete said removal. Neither the Member nor the contractor shall be entitled to any refund of
any unused portion of the Deposit or Bond, it being acknowledged that said Deposit or Bond
shall be deemed forfeited should either the Member or the contractor fail to complete the
removal of the Improvements in accordance with the terms and conditions of this paragraph.
1. LA BUONA VITA MANUFACTURED/MOBILE HOME PARK is an adult retirement community.
All Members, Leasees and Tenants must register at the Park Office upon arrival. One Member,
Leasee or tenant occupying a lot must be at least fifty-five (55) years of age. No Member,
Leasee or tenant under thirty-five (35) years of age shall be permitted to reside in the Park.
2. Drunkenness and immoral behavior shall not be tolerated, and no alcoholic beverages shall be
consumed or served in any building or recreation area which is the Corporation's property
without prior written consent of Management. Smoking is not permitted in the clubhouse.
Smokers must use receptacles provided for butts in marked smoking areas: Excessive noise is
not necessary and will not be tolerated.
3. Selling, soliciting, peddling, or commeroial enterprises within the Park are permitted only with
the consent of the Board of Directors.
4. Members, Leasees and Tenants should promptly report vandalism of private or Park property
to Management or Board of Directors. Park facilities or equipment not in working order should
be reported to Management or the Board of Directors.
5. Legitimate complaints concerning infractions of these rules should be reported to the Board of
Directors in writing if the Board requests it.
6. Do not violate the privacy of others by trespassing on their lots. Management reserves the right
of access onto all lots, under reasonable notice, for purposes of maintenance or inspection of
7. If any provisions of these rules and regulations be contrary to any law of any jurisdiction in
which the Park is located, it shall not apply or be enforced. However, the other provisions of
these rules and regulations shall not be affected and shall continue in full force and effect. The
Board of Directors reserves the right to evict anyone who refuses to comply with all rules and
regulations herein provided.
8. The rules and regulations as presented herein are adopted by the Board of Directors of the LA
BUONA VITA CO-OP, lNC., and supersede and replace all rules and regulations previously in
effect prior to the acquisition of the Park by the Corporation.
Note: following two sections previously approved by DBPR
9. The Owner may Seek to require any action necessary to protect the public health, safety and/or
welfare of the Park and/or members of the community.
10. Any act which places into jeopardy the Owner's insurance on the Park shall be considered a
violation of these rules and regulations. Any resident given notice that they are in violation of
this rule, shall cure the violation within thirty (30) days of such notice and shall provide a
notarized statement advising the owner of the date on which the violation was cured.

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